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im using the videoplayer example in Unity 2019.4 , all seems ok.
following this simple instructions at 5.1.2 Pico controller introduction

  • i did what the instructions say.
  • i used lefthand as its how we get the G2 controller.
    the controller prefab doesnt show up in the app. the line appears and its moving ok, controller buttons works, its just i dont see the prefab of the G2 controller,

what im missing or doing wrong?
thanks a lot for your time!

2 Answers

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try import pico sdk again

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hi, thanks for your reply!
i already did it,
im talking about this example https://github.com/picoxr/VideoPlayer-UnityXR
ive updated the sdk to 1.2.4_B72 but still the controller is not showing up
any help? its so simple that i dont get what could be wrong.

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Hello, you need to add the PXR_Manager script to the XR Rig.

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ops!. that is. thanks a lot...i couldnt see that pxr_manager was missing. thanks a lot again!