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Has anyone managed to get the google play store working on the Pico Neo2? I've tried the usual, which is to install
Google Account Manager (com.google.android.gsf.login)
Google Services Framework (com.google.android.gsf)
Google Play Services (com.google.android.gms)
Google Play Store (com.android.vending)

I made sure to use apks that were min API below 28 (they're minAPI 21, 23 or 25). It's installed, but It won't start (I get the usual blank screen, then after a while, the "not responding" message).

This way usually works to install the Play store on android devices that don't come nativelyu with it, such as Android emulators or AMZN Fire tablet.

Does any pointer on what I could be doing wrong or a step-by-step guide? Or has anyone ever succeded at installing the play store?

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Pico Neo 2 doesn't support the Google Play for the monment. So it can’t install Google Play like Android emulator and AMAZON Fire tablet.

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Thank you for the answer.

A follow up question: is there a way to install apks on a pico, other than manually copying them? Also, any guidelines on which apk is likely to work? I installed a calculator and an email program that worked, but a few others failed, either refusing to install or refusing to launch.

The interest for me to install the play store was to have a way to install apks that would ultimately work. What I first did was to backup an apk from my phone and copy it to the pico for installation, but my phone is Android 10 (API 30) and the pico is Android 8.1 (API 27), so I guess if an apk is minAPI>27, it will refuse to install. But, is there any other requirement on apks that will install and run correctly?

Edit - Asked follow up question. Sorry for the repeat.

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Requirements for native android APKs on Pico Neo2.
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The Neo 2 is a VR device that supports VR applications. May be incompatible with some 2D apps (such as calculator, email program, etc.)