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I released an application (exe) about escape drill through unity2019. The boss asked to load it into the pico neo3 helmet for easy display. Is there any simple method?
我通过unity2019发布了一个关于逃生演练的应用(exe),boss要求把它加载到Pico neo3头盔中,方便带出去展示,有啥简单的方法吗?

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  1. If your application (exe) is integrated with the StreamVR SDK, you can use the Pico VR Streaming Assistant for streaming SteamVR games. Pico VR Streaming Assistant software download link is as follows:

  2. If you do not integrate streamVR SDK and want to port your exe application to Pico Neo 3, you need to integrate our Pico SDK in Unity project and package it as an Android program to run in Pico Neo 3. Pico SDK can be imported as follows:

  3. For porting the exe application to Pico Neo 3, you may need to optimize your game scene. For optimization suggestions, please refer to the following link: