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I have the vr headset Pico G2 4K
I'm making an application with unity3d, which uses wifi connection. And there're some other side problems with mac address of my headset.
I've read about mac address randomization in Android systems.
Wifi Mac Randomization
So in my case I want to disable this functionality.

I've read instructions, how to disable random mac generation for a specific connection.
(Instructions like this one works good for my mobile phone, but it doesnt work for my headset G2 4K) How to disable randomization mac address

So I've got 2 questions:
1) How can I disable mac address randomization for my current headset.
2) Is there any command to be called via adb to achive this.

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Normally, the MAC address of G2 4K will not change. May I ask what method you called to obtain it?

Also, what was done to cause the MAC address to change, so that we can reproduce the problem.

And could you please provide the version number of your PUI?

Moreover, you can find the MAC address of the device in the following location:
Settings->Developer->Network&Internet->Wi-Fi->Wi-Fi preferences->Advanced->MAC address
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On the different vr headest I have PUI v.4.0.4 and PUI v.4.0.5

NOTE: I'm using android menu(when I click volume minus button + big button) to connect to the wifi, not the pico default launcher application, becouse I'm developing my own launcher and sete it as home application.

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As mentioned in the official documentation about the features of Android 8, enter image description here
you can get the only mac from a connected network, because G2 4K is based on Android 8.
Could you please consider telling us how you got a random mac?