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Unity Version: 2020.3.17

I'm testing in the Payment Demo scene that came with the SDK. I added the PXR_Manager script to the XR Rig and set the Foveation Level to Top High. From what I can tell, it looks no different than None.

I have also tested this in a custom scene with the same results. I saw the other thread on this forum about the same topic, but none of the suggestions fixed the issue.

Any ideas?

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The top high level is different from None. And I have done in your way, it works smoothly.
enter image description here

enter image description here

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Like I said, foveation was not working for me.

While debugging I found that systemDebugFFRLevel in PXR_Manager.cs was being set to 0 (which correlates to FoveationLevel.Low) instead of the correct value regardless of what I set foveationLevel to in the inspector.

The only way I was able to get it to work was by manually setting systemDebugFFRLevel and systemFFRLevel to the correct value (2 for Top High). It seems like the UpateSystemFFRLevel function isn't working correctly for me.

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You can send the project to our email, support@picovr.com, We'll test it.