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1. 替换sdk2.0.5 为2.0.7
2. 绑定photon appid
3. 选择PicoDemoLauncher ,点击运行,报错如下

DllNotFoundException: pxrplatformloader assembly: type: member:(null)
Pico.Platform.CLIB.ppf_UnityInitAsynchronousWrapper (System.String appId) (at F:/DemoProj/Unity Projects/PicoSDK/Platform/Scripts/CLIB/CLIB.cs:40)
Pico.Platform.CoreService.AsyncInitialize (System.String appId) (at F:/DemoProj/Unity Projects/PicoSDK/Platform/Scripts/Service/Core.cs:93)
Unity.XR.PXR.Launcher.Awake () (at Assets/Demo/Scripts/Launcher.cs:82)

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I had a similar error message when I try to connect to the CoreServices to use the Leaderboard and achievements services.

I'm using SDK version 2.0.7.