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In trying to use neo device as tethering/ steamVR device I have some major problems.

While neo 2 was able to connect to a pc, just with a usb3 cable,
for some un-documented reason, neo 3 cannot connect to pc in the traditional simple way.

Moreover, it looks like it asks for an unspecified type of cable in the VR application, that is not even depicted in the PC application.

So can anyone help me figure out how to connect (tether) the Pico neo 3 to the PC?
Is the "Pico DP Direct Connection Cable" a product? (it is mentioned inside the VR mask - See image below)

Streaming Assistant in VR
.. this image depicts a two-headed type of cable that goes both at a USB and a display port inlet.

Streaming Assistant in PC
..while on PC application it is just one outlet!

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The Neo 3 Pro has 2 ports of USB type-C.
Number 1: The one next to power button is for charging and data transfer.
Number 2: The other one is designed for display port cable streaming.
enter image description here

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Please be more specific.

I know the 2 USB ports are the one for data transfer & charging and the other for transmitting the user experience to a screen/ monitor. It is in the manual.

The question is what I must do to connect the Neo 3 with a PC to use it as a tethering device and use the SteamVR application..?
There are no further instructions from the pictures I posted, and they are not clear at all.

What I conceive is that there is a "special cable" that has a Type-C end and a dual USB / DP end, to connect them. Is this a thing?
What I should do to use NEo 3 with SteamVR..?

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1.Please follow the steps to turn on these two options
enter image description here
2. Please download the latest version of Pico VR Streaming Assistant at https://www.pico-interactive.com/us/vsa.html
3. Please use port 1 in the figure below.

enter image description here
Note: Port 2 is designed for DP streaming and requires special DP cables and software.

Sincerely hope that can help you.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. According to the latest feedback, Neo 3 Pro currently only supports wireless mode and direct mode. The direct mode requires a special DP cable and uses the DP port, port 2 in the figure below. Neo 3 pro is no longer applicable to the method of using usb3 cable.
enter image description here
Sincerely apologize again.

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How someone can acquire this cable?
Pico does not sell/ distribute it (through the site), neither can be found in well-known VR equipment stores.

Can someone give more details about this "special DP cable"?

Thank you.

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Appreciate your understanding.
You could ask the sales from where you bought the Neo 3 Pro.

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How do I connect Pico Neo 3 via USB cable? I'm using the latest versions of the software but I can't use it with cable only via wi-fi and the Neo 3 doesn't have another output for display Port...