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I have the Pico Neo3 Link. My IPD is 72mm.
I noticed a fairly large difference in "eye direction" compared to the real world. It seems the VR device forces my eyes outwards, especially for distant objects.
IPD-Setting does not/minimally impact this.

Steps to reproduce: have a virtual object in the same distance infront of you as a real object (for example the Neo3 Settings panel and your real monitor). Repeatedly look through VR and take it off again. Notice the eye movement. (if you don't have this problem, please comment here)

It seems like the problem isn't IPD (I've experimented thoroughly with the SteamVR IPD setting, the device's hardware-IPD changer and some ingame IPD-values.
Instead it seems like the virtual cameras for each eye are rotated slightly inwards, forcing my eyes to compensate by rotating outwards. Even though the glasses are set to 69mm IPD it seems they are displaying the image for a even larger IPD.

I hope this image clarifies what I mean

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Dear Developer,
What is your version of streamVR please? What software streaming assistant and version are you using?