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Hello, can you please explain how to run native android applications in the unity scene? Should i use VR Compositor Layers and External Surfaces? But how to broadcast a native application there? How is it done in your pico launcher with the settings menu and file manager and how to curve this surface and best(easy?) way to implement raycasters to make it all work correctly?
And is it possible to see code examples?

thanks in advance

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Hello, you can refer to OverlayExternalSurface.unity and OverlayExternalSurfaceDemo.cs in the UnitySDK (UnitySDK\Assets\PicoMobileSDK\Pvr_UnitySDK\Scenes\Examples\OverlayExternalSurface).
You need pass externalAndroidSurfaceObject to the android for texture updates.

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thanks, I will try to figure it out in the coming days, but it is not yet clear how to update the SurfaceTexture when I received a link to it in my android library