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Hello Everyone!
I worked since 2 month with the problem that i cant use the pico VRneo2 in Unity...
I cotact many times the support but they dont help me..
I do all what is standing in the introdduction dokument for SDK Unity and Unity XR Plattform SDK. I do all... Api at level 29 or 28... then i use the right unity version. I lokked the develop modus on the pico vr headset. I use the right componetns in unity. I do all biuld and player settings but it dont works! In the Console in Unity they are no problems. Unity say its all ok but i cant connect with pico headset. I was ask my vr professor too but he have no idea why it dont work! I was google many times. I see noody who use Pico Neo2 in Unity! Nobody use this vr Headset for projects. It gives no tutorials and the support wont cam oder call with me online about my problems. If anybody can really help me please contact me!

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If you follow the pico sdk instructions and disable User Entitlement Check after adding the SDK to the project(Unity Menu->Pvr_UnitySDK->Platform settings-> uncheck User Entitlement Check), everything should work

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I don't understand what the problem you mean excatly from your description.