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Hello, I am experiencing weird behaviour in my Unity project on pico neo 3.

After the app was minimized or after the pico was in sleep mode.
When this happens the image is being distorted when the user rotates his head.

The only clue that I have is: If I am broadcasting to another device the resolution of the broadcasted image becomes slightly smaller.

Is this a known issue?

I am using Unity 2020.3.27f1 and PicoXR Plugin 2.0.3

Thanks for any help

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enter image description here

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After the headset sleep, the network function will be shut down, maybe this is the reason, you can set headset sleep delay using system api in the doc try to fix it.

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I will try this out but I am not sure if this will work.

The effect also occurs if i minimize the app and then resume to the app immediately.

For example: I start the app. Then I remember that I need to share my screen. I minimize, go to screen sharing and after everything is running I resume to the app. I allways get the distortion-effect. The same happens with different menus so it is not related to screen sharing. It also happens if I simply minimize and maximize the app.

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If your just minimize the app and then resume to the app immediately, there should be no problem with the display, whats your render setting, are you using vulkan or mutilrender or URP
or any optimization?

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I think I found the solution.

I was doing the initialization of XR manually directly after the project launched instead of activating it in the Projectsettings in XR Plug-in Management.

I have now checked the Initialize XR on Startup checkbox and have removed my code for starting XR manually.

I needed this in the past because I am developing a second app within the same unity-project. It just had different build settings but shared all the code and prefabs etc. Unfortunately the other project is no VR project and thus I added so code that would activate VR if needed

Thanks for the help