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Please help me.
My Pico Neo 2 does not have a headset connection to SteamVR. Communication with the computer is working fine. When I press the "Open SteamVR" button on the headset, the screen is black and nothing happens.
SteamVR on PC reports being blocked due to "pico" and "Gamepad support" addon error.

What can I do to get the connection to SteamVr working?

Model: Neo Pico 2
PUI: 4.1.3
Stream Assistant


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Hi, try re-installing Steam and SteamVR to see if it works.
And is the following option enabled?
enter image description here

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Thanks for your reply. I uninstalled Steam and reinstalled it, but the problem persisted.

Unlocked addons and restarted SteamVR. After the reboot, the addons were blocked again.

enter image description here

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Dear developer,
Could you please tell us what type of graphics card of your computer?

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graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 920M

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Dear developer,
Sorry, NVIDIA GeForce 920 does not support the streaming Assistant.
The stream assistant's requirements for the graphics card are as follow:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 equivalent performance and above (AMD graphics card not supported)
You could visit the following websites for more Hardware and Network Requirements:

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So this is what causes the error? There was a low image quality warning. But there was no message that this video adapter is not supported, so I tried to get the system to work. Now it is clear. Thank you for your answers.