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I updated my Pico Neo3 Link headset and the PC PicoLink software to the latest version today. The headset is correctly recognized by the PicoLink windows application, but the application itself sasy it can't find steamvr. SteamVR is installed in the default location (on the main drive of my computer, c:). Even if I start SteamVR manually, the PicoLink app complains that steamvr is not present and, of course, steamvr itself says that no VR headset is connected. Please note that previously I was using the older software version with the StreamingAssistant application on PC and it was working fine, but I can't go back to using it because now the headset complains that the software on the headset is different from the software on the PC, if I try to start the "old" streaming assistant. Any idea on how to solve this?

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Dear developer,
Please try re-installing Steam and SteamVR.
Upgrading from an old version to a new version may cause this problem, which can be fixed by reinstalling the Steam and SteamVR.