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Dear Developers,

I am using PXR_EyeTracking.GetCombineEyeGazePoint in my application on the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye. And I don't fully understand the process here.

My questions:
- Do I need to calibrate the eye tracking system? For every user? After every reboot?
- To calibrate, I use the preinstalled "Tobii User calibration"? Where are the results stored?
- How do I best integrate the calibration? I don't want my user to have to switch apps.
- IPD cannot be adjusted on the hardware - is IPD adjusted virtually based on the eye tracker?

On a similar matter:
- What kind of sensor is used here? Is it a camera? Can I access raw data?

Thank you very much. Any additional information helping me to understand the bigger picture here is highly appreciated.


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Dear developer,
For your questions:
1. The eye tracking system needs to be calibrated for every user. For a single user, rebooting the device does not require calibrate.
2. Calibration results for Tobii User Calibration Applications are not currently available because they are stored within Tobii User Calibration.
3. You can refer to our eye-Tracking demo, which includes the method of calling Tobii User Calibration.
4. for IPD question, there is no definitive answer at present.
5. Eyetracking is achieved by sensors in front of the lens, not by the camera. For raw Data, our Pico SDK currently has no interface to retrieve it.

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Thank you very much. This helpes a lot.

Regarding IPD:
If you, or anyone else, has more information? In my experience, if IPD is not adjusted in some way, the content would be blurry - which is not the case - ergo IPD is adjusted, right?

Thanks again.

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Dear developer,
The IPD adjustment mode of the Pico Neo 3 Pro eye is optically adaptive,