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We've recently changed our SDK from the Unity PicoVR to the Unity PicoXR_Platform, but it has resulted in performance issues.

It seems to be related to this error:

2022/05/31 16:50:30.317 14688 14737 Error Unity OPENGL NATIVE PLUG-IN
ERROR: GLINVALIDENUM: enum argument out of range

2022/05/31 16:50:30.317 14688 14737 Error Unity (Filename:
./Runtime/GfxDevice/opengles/GfxDeviceGLES.cpp Line: 359)

I noticed multiple developers mentioning the error, but no fix or temporary solution is offered.

We are using Unity 2019.4.14f1 and have also tried 2019.4.32f1
For the SDK we are using the Unity PicoXR_Platform v1.2.5

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Dear developer,
Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known issue, we had reported it to Unity but haven't got a solution yet. According to the feedback from other developers, try switching to another version of engine such as 2019.4.31f1c1 to avoid this error.