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Hi everybody.
We have developed a WebXR application and we'd like to integrate some eye tracking functionalities while using Pico 3.

Is it possible to access the eye webcams from Pico Browser ?
Using webcamtests I can see these listed webcams :

"camera2 0, facing back"
"camera2 1, facing back"

If I try to test one of them, a native popup from Pico Browser is displayed asking for permissions to access the webcam (with gray "deny" and blue "allow" buttons).

Anyway, if I click on "allow" it complains about the device to be already used by another application.

The same applies trying other online webcam testing websites.

Can you help us ?

Thank you

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Sorry, if you want to access cameras of pico equipment, you need to use pico sdk on their developer Platform, https://developer.pico-interactive.com/sdk
But they dont have webXR sdk, so you cannt get cameras in your webXR app, using unity or unreal is ok.

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Thank you for your answer !