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None of the common recentering method works for Unity and the Plugin via:

  • InputDevices.GetDeviceAtXRNode(XRNode.Head).subsystem.TryRecenter();
  • PXRPlugin.Sensor.UPxrResetSensor(ResetSensorOption.ResetAll);

The PXR_Manager is in the XR rig.
This is tested using Pico Neo 3.

Any help?


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Deer develper,
We already tested, this method worked well in our project, we suggest you create an empty project and try again, if it still doesnot work out, please provide a test project that can reproduce your problems and send it to Pico_ devanswers@bytedance.com. We will test it. Please use the title of your forum question as the subject of your email. If the attachment exceeds the size limit of the email attachment and the email is returned, please upload the attachment to the cloud and send it as a download link.
Thank you!

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To anyone having the same issue...

The solution is that Pico requires the XR Origin component. Not sure why other VR brands' recentering works without needing this. You basically need to install or upgrade via the package manager, the XR Interaction Toolkit, in order to add the XR Origin component.