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I have a Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye and I'm trying to Stream from my computer to the Neo 3 . My goal is to use SteamVR.

Everything works apparently except for two details:

1- Inside SteamVR, the Neo3 Pro eye controllers have some axis inverted:
- If I move my hand up or down or left and right, the controller moves on this direction
- BUT if I do any wrist rotation, the Axis is inverted : For example if I rotate my wrist to the right, on SteamVR the controller rotates to left and points left. If I rotate my wrist UP, the controller in SteamVR rotates down and points down.

This makes SteamVR unusable. It is impossible to do anything, even navigating the menus.

2- The sound streaming also appears to be broken. If I open a game (very difficult task, due to problem 1 which I described before) , the sounds comes over with hickups: Starts Stops, and with interference noises.

Has anyone had this issue? This is very very unexpected and annoying.

Below find the Versions of all components of this setup.

Neo3 Pro Eye running firmware 4.6.3. Both controllers also got updated.

Streaming Assistant on the Neo3 Pro Eye: version 8.0.6

Streaming Assistant on My PC: version 8.0.6 (PicoVRStreamingAssistantInstall-8.0.6_B118-20220129)

SteamVR is 1.22.12

PC is running Windows 10.

Computer is connected to dedicated WIFI rounter through a CAT6 cable, and has a 1Gig connection to the Router.

The Wifi Router has a 5G network only . It is only used by the headset.

The headset connects to the Wifi Router using the 5G network.

No other equipment is connected to this WIFI Router.

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Dear developer,
Sorry for the inconvenience. We have reported this issue to the R&D team and will reply to you if there is any news.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. Can you give me a timeframe for getting some aswers back from R&D?

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Dear developer,
The problem can be caused by driver conflict.
Please check whether the following file exist in C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\openvr,
Openvrpaths vrpath.

If the file exists, please try deleting it, then start SteamVR, and then start streaming Assistant again to see if it is back to normal.

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Hey Thanks for the fast reply !

Ok, the controller inverted problem is now fixed, thanks so much.

With regards to the sound being very fuzzy and bad, any ideas with regard to that ?

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Dear developer,
For sound issues, it is expected that the next version will be optimized in the near future.

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Pico Neo 3 Pro eye devices can try the DP Special Edition streaming assistant,:

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This is not possible.

I dont have the DP cable.
I dont have a DP port on my computer.
I would like to have a wireless experience.

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The DP Special Edition Streaming Assistant also has wireless mode, maybe try it to see if it works.

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This is the DP assistant you sent me :

enter image description here

Where is the Wireless mode ?

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Sorry. I didn't look carefully. It's my fault. The DP Special Edition Streaming Assistant only has wired streaming mode.

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No worries. You have a Neo 3 Pro Eye ? If so, how do you do Wireless Streaming?