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I am using UE4 to create an app for Pico mobile VR devices. Since UE4's default "Start Camera Fade" node requires "Mobile HDR" enabled, I can't use it to do camera fade on mobile VR devices. Is there an in-built functionality in the Pico plugin/SDK that can be used to do camera fade?

For example, Oculus plugin has a node called "Set Color Scale and Offset" in UE4 that can be used to do camera fade. Is there a BP node/C++ function that can be used for the same thing in Pico SDK?

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I see the Start Camera Fade blueprint node in the UE4 engine's built-in VR template, it is in content /VirtualRealityBP/ MotionControllerPawn. It works after packaging,You can try to see if it's the effect you want.

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In addition, I didn't find a similar interface in pico sdk either.

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Please read the question again. I have already specified that the "Start Camera Fade" does not work on mobile VR platforms as it requires "Mobile HDR" to be enabled. And I have not asked about "steamvr chaperone" or input bindings.

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I don't think Pico has such interface as "Set Color Scale and Offset". It seems Mobile HDR can be enabled but not recommended though: https://sdk.picovr.com/docs/UnrealSDK/en/chapter_three.html?highlight=hdr