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Currently our (Unity 2020.3.18f1) game runs perfectly on Neo 3, but on Neo 2 the game launches and sounds plays, but the screen remains black.

This question says that 2.0.3 only supports Neo3

But as the sound works and we get the output logging over ADB I was if there is a way to get the graphics working too?

If not which version of the SDK is the latest to support Neo2? Is it PicoVR Unity SDK(Deprecated) v2.8.12 ?

Thank you

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Dear developer,

Pico Unity XR SDK v2.0.x only supports Pico Neo 3 series. Neo 2 devices are no longer supported.

Currently, the latest SDKS supporting Neo 2 series are PicoVR Unity SDK(Deprecated) V2.8.12 and Unity XR Platform SDK(Legacy) V1.2.5.

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