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Pico Neo 3 Pro
Unity 2021.3.2
URP 12.1.6
Pico UnityXR SDK 2.0.4
PUI 4.6.3

When the color space is set to linear, color banding is visible in both Editor Preview and on device. Tested in OpenGLES3. Switching to Gamma works as expected.

The RT in frame debugger looks to be using Gamma mode.

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Can reproduce. Linear is a hard requirement for our app, and most XR workflows recommend linear.

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If linear is selected, never must be selected for Blit type, otherwise unity will create an off screen buffer and display exceptions.
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This is not reccomended for a linear flow unless you implement the blit yourself.

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Unity XRToolkit Sample project

When switching to Vulkan, Linear behaves as expected.
Is Linear not supported in OpenGLES3?

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Im using Unity XRToolkit Sample with sdk2.0.4 with OpenGLES3 and Linear, it worked fine, and my unity editor is 2021.3.1, as i remember, Vulkan need untiy editor higher than 2020.3.13, perhabs you can change your editor version and try again.