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I am attempting to use a Unity Store Asset titled Gaze UI for Canvas. When I create a 3D project this works fine. However when I port the same project (or recreate a new one) that uses this asset with URP, the Gaze control does not work. When it does there is about a 30 degree offset about the y-axis.

This asset under the same conditions is working fine with the Quest2 so I am at a loss as to why it would not be functional on Pico Neo 2. The asset is free but I am using the latest version of it and the latest version of Unity XR SDK on the build.

Many thanks.

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I narrowed it down to the code shown in the following picture. The Asset’s method to determine the “virtual pointer“ is getting the central point of eye texture through (XRSettings.eyeTextureWidth/Height ). This method works fine without URP enabled. But have issue while using URP in the project. As a workaround, please try to use the Neo2 screen’s resolution ( 3810*2160 ) to calculate the central point (marked in the picture below).

enter image description here

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Thank you. That correction resolved the problem.

Many Thanks.