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Hello, I've noticed that the website had been updated and I'm curious when the new Pico OS update will be released to all Pico Neo 3 models.

1) Will my Pico Neo 3 model from China receive the global update or will I have to manually update it myself?

2) When will the PicoVR mobile app be released on Android? I've clicked the download button but google play says that it does not exist.

3) Streaming Assistant in my Pico Neo 3 says that I have to update software to connect to Pico Link PC assistant but there is no update available on my device.

Thank you in advance!

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I'm having the same issue

I'm on neo 3 with firmware 4.6.3
And the latest version of the broken streaming link app

Windows 10 or 11 is the same result. And the website is all messed up so any time you go to look for a fix the page is 404.
Factory rest doesn't fix the issue. and emailing support doesn't work.

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the android version was just released on playstore on the 20th of may.
but is region locked.

this is the correct version of the streaming app that works with the neo 3


i had to use a way back website to get the link for the old version because the website only has the new version that is made for the new software.

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Can you connect pico neo 3 via USB cable?