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Dear developer,

I have list of buttons in a scroll view, and I can able to click the buttons at the same time scrolling occurs. vice-versa, the buttons are getting clicked while scrolling. It happens in the Demo scene also and how to reduce the threshold of the scroll? So, I don't have problem with scrolling, but the problem is buttons should not click while scrolling or scrolling should not occur while clicking buttons. kindly give a solution to handle this.

I'm Using Unity 2019.4.38f1, PUI 4.3.6 and Pico unity SDK (v2_deprecated).

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This problem has always existed in Pico unity SDK. Considering that Pico unity SDK is no longer maintained, there seems to be no way to solve it. And what is your device version? If it is neo3, you can use UnityXRsdk, it dont have this problem. And if you want to use UnityXRsdk, I suggest you update to the latest Pui, Thanks