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Unity Version: 2020.3.33f1
SDK: PicoXR Plugin 2.0.4
Device: Pico Neo 3


I'm working on a Kiosk App which automatically does recenter the camera once the HMD is put on by an user. On other Hardware like Oculus Quest and Google Cardboard, this worked fine via XRInputSystem but on Pico it has no effect.

I have tried out calling:




but both those calls also do nothing. What is the correct approach to make Recenter from code possible?

Thanks in advance.

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try the following code to implement the recenter:

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As mentioned in my entry posting, using the XRInputSystem for Recentering sadly does not work.

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This is my test demo and apk, you can try it on your device. In the demo scene, press Trigger Button of the Left controller to recenter.
Or you can try changing Tracking Origin Mode to Floor first to see if the code works.
enter image description here