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Hello Developer,
I'm using Unity version 2019.4.13f1 and pico Unity SDK (v2 - deprecated), Throughout the app the Text and UI are flickering. How to fix that issue in neo 3 Pro. PUI - 4.6.3

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Dear developer,
Sorry, due to hardware performance and display reasons, the display effect on head-mounted devices will be different from that on PC devices.
The picture flicker may be caused by the distance between the UI and the camera. Try to adjust the distance between the UI and the camera to 3.5-4 meters.
If the UI overlapses with other objects, it may cause the UI such as images to flicker. If this problem exists, try to separate the UI from other objects for a short distance and then observe whether the UI flickers.
You can also refer to the performance tuning guide in the official documentation, which also describes advanced rendering features:
Or you can adjust the display by modifying the value of the Eye Buffer, see the following link for details: