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What I want to acheive is that once I click the button, I want reset my camera's position and rotation via code.

How can I do that?

right now, this seems impossible because of Pvr_Unity SDK Head Track...

Any suggestion?


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Do you mean the effect of recenter the scene after long press the home button?
By the way, what model of the device and SDK are you using?

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No, I mean reset position and rotation of camera in unity, which is not the same as recenter scene...
I'm using pico g2 4k and PicoVR Unity SDK(before V2.1.0)

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Hi,you can try modifying the position and rotation of the Pvr_UnitySDK prefab.

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oh it works but is there any way that make camera's Rotation and Position 0,0,0 ?
Because It has to be reset the position and rotation.

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There should be no alternative but to long press the Home button.