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Hello everyone,

Currently, I am trying to develop a VR application on Unity with my Pico neo 3 Eye pro device.
I use the preview tool to develop quicker.

However, I remark that there is a different vision of the headset between the camera in the Unity Editor/preview tool and when I launch the build on the VR headset.

Is it the same for you? And do you know a way to manage that?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Have a nice day

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Dear developer,
Sorry for the inconvenience,
The problem of screen content showing too large(like it is extremely zoomed in), it is expected to be optimized in the next release.

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Here at BolverkXR we are seeing the same issue.

We are also experiencing issues with cable connection, is simply does not work at all on any pc / headset (we tried all 10 headsets, and 5 different pc's, all windows 10.)

The wifi connect will work sometimes, but does not always find a valid connection, and performance wise it was running very bad when it worked, but sadly it was the only connection type that did work :(

otherwise super great that this tool is in production :D

Best Regards.

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Dear developer,
A wired connection will generate a virtual network on the PC. Generally, a connection failure may be caused by firewall interception or virtual network generation failure.
Try turning off the firewall or adding previewTool to the whitelist, or restart your computer and try again to see if the virtual network is properly generated.

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Same here. Also developing for the Pico Neo 3 eye HMD. The scene and the objects appear bigger than they should. I have tried the Preview tool using only a wireless connection. Don't know if it changes with a wired connection, though.

Unity 2019.4.38f1
Pico XR Unity SDK 2.0.4
PUI 4.6.3.
Windows 10 machine