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My Pico Neo 3 Pro access to SteamVR with Streaming Assistant 8.0.6 in wireless mode with npo problem, but with the Pico Neo 3 DP Cable, it doesn't work, when i plug the cable, the Pico display black screen and on several computers with a Mini Display Port, the computer crash on plug, can you help me with that?
On the computer, the Streaming Assistant version is 8.0.6

I have manually added the Streaming Assisstant to firewall exceptions.

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For the Pico Neo 3 Pro, there is a DP Special Edition streaming assistant, try this and see if it works.

enter image description here

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Thank you,

With DP Assistant, it works, but there is low fps and VR 6DOF is badly calibrated, when I see in front of me with my head straight IRL, in SteamVR my head is inclined and oriented towards the ground. I have tested on differents computers, do you know how to fix that?

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The reason for the low FPS may be related to GPU and graphics card drivers.
Try to upgrade the graphics card driver to the latest version if not.
For 6Dof calibration problems, Maybe try resetting the HMD to see if it works.
And what is your PUI version? Maybe Try upgrading PUI to the latest, too

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My PUI version is the latest (4.6.3).
The 6DOF calibration problems wasn't a real problem, I had not understood that SteamVR set 6DOF parameters at launch, so I have to correctly hold at SteamVR launch.

I have 2 last problems:
- I regularly have to restart SteamVR in order to access to my Unity builds in VR, otherwise the exe don't are not executed on click
- in SteamVR it seems that the distance between the eyes is different than in wireless Home, this is disturbing

Can you help me about that?


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If don't use DP streaming, does calling steamVR in Unity still require a restart?
For the second question,
Are there any pictures or videos that show that the distance between the eyes is different between the DP mode and wireless mode?