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I've been trying to map the g2 controller with new input action map system but failed.
Can someone elaborate what actions corresponds with these three button press:


above are copied from sdk doc :

I've tried below mapping, only trigger pressed works
enter image description here

newbie here, any help is appreciated, or a demo project would be nice

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Here is the English document

The above three values correspond to the corresponding variables in the Unity documentation.

The G2 4K only has three buttons, so only trigger presses works.

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Thanks for the reply

I guess I should probably rephrase my question after a little digging. I'm using Unity XR Platform SDK Doc (Legacy) since G2 only supports this. In this package, an old version of XR Interaction Toolkit (0.9.4) is used rather than the latest 2.0.1.

Can I update the version of "XR Interaction Toolkit" with XR Platform SDK? since the default XR controller with this SDK is not action based.