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- streaming assistant version 8.0.6
- pui version 4.6.3
- steamvr version 1.22.6
- windows 11
- Pico Neo 3 headset

After installing streaming assistant v8.0.6 on pc, steamvr keeps disabling pico driver, preventing me from entering steamvr on pico neo 3. On previous versions after v6.0.1 of streaming assistant, it would crash steamvr with black screen and disable pico driver.

SteamVR crash dump

I would like to reinstall streaming assistant v6.0.1 apk on my headset to test further

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Try updating the GPU driver.

One possibility is that SteamVR may disable Pico if there is a black screen or crash while streaming. See if this option is turned on.
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Dear developer,
The lastest version of streaming assitant is
Please try update the streaming assitant to the latest version and try it again.
enter image description here

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I've updated the wizard but it didn't work. Something happens that it connects but disconnects soon after, I've used several cables and it's no use.

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Dear developer,
Please try re-installing Steam and SteamVR.
And if possible, please try switching to another computer to see if it works.

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Dear developer,
This is the popup frame of Windows system. There may be a problem with the USB driver of the headset. Please try to restart the device or restore factory Settings.
In addition, please make true to turn off the firewall or add Steam VR and Streaming Assistant etc. to the firewall whitelist and check whether the virtual network is generated properly when pico Neo 3 starts streaming.
And please use the USB3.0 cable.