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I'm trying to make a Unity build on PC Standalone Platform with SteamVR. The build has to be executed on a Pico Neo 3 Pro through the Streaming Assistant application.
Is it possible with Unity XR Plugin ?

I've tried a build with:
Unity 2020.3.5
Platform: Standalone
OpenXRPlugin 1.0.3
XRPluginManagment 4.0.1
Player>OtherSettings.colorSpace : Linear
XRPlug-in Managment:
[ ] Magic Leap Iteration
[ ] Oculus
[x] OpenXR
[ ] Windows Mixed Reality feature set
[ ] Windows Mixed Reality
[ ] Unity Mock HMD

(I have tried with every OpenXR Interaction Profile)

In editor and on build, with a Pico Neo 3 Pro connected to PC throgh wireless Streaming Assistant, the application don't receive VR inputs and in the Pico headset, we don't leave the SteamVR Home.
When I set XRPluginManagment>OpenXR>OpenXRRuntime to SteamVR (instead of System Default), the Editor and the application crash on play, i can share you the logs.

The log contains:
==== OpenXR Exception Thrown ====


If there is no solution for play PC Standalone application on Pico through SteamVR, do you know if there is a way to do that without SteamVR?
The Pico SDK is functional only on Android Platform.

On this thread, a Pico Developper seems to say that porting an exe application to Pico Neo 3 is possible.

Thanks you

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Dear developer,
The Pico SDK is functional only on the Android Platform, and does not support PC application development.
The Pico Neo 3 Pro supports Steam VR streaming. If your application is integrated with the StreamVR SDK, you can use the Pico VR Streaming Assistant for streaming SteamVR games.
Please refer to the following links for detailed instructions and software tutorial on how to use streaming Assistant:
Could you please tell us which streaming version are you using?
Neo 3 (V8.0.6) or DP Special Edition V1.2.2?
For VR input issues, maybe you could check the software tutorial first to make sure the streaming assistant is successful running and then change the controller mode to see if it works.and then change the controller mode to see if it works properly.

Pico VR Streaming Assistant DP Special Edition V1.2.2
enter image description here
Pico VR Streaming Assistant Neo 3 (V8.0.6)
enter image description here

For the question about porting PC applications to Pico Neo 3 series:
Porting is possible, but the complexity and difficulty are uncertain.
This is equivalent to porting your exe application to android platform. Need to integrate the Pico SDK into your unity project and need to do adaptation development, then package it as an android application to run in Pico Neo 3 series.

Hope this information will help you.

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Thanks for your answer, i tested the 3 controllers mode with no results.

On the Pico and on the PC i use the Streaming Assistant v8.0.6 wireless.

I think that my problem is not with Streaming Assistant because i can play SteamVR Unity builds made without Unity XR and with an old SteamVR SDK.

Despite that, do you think that i should test with the official Pico Neo DP Cable?

Can you explain me what version of XR Plugin Managment and OpenXR Plugin i should use? And what OpenXR settings should i set in Unity Project Settings?

Thanks you

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Dear developer,
If you are only developing an unity application for the PC platform, there is no need to integrate the Pico SDK. Which version of the XR plugin to use to manage and OpenXR plugin, or which OpenXR Settings to set in the Unity project Settings, developers need to follow the SteamVR development requirements.

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I used XR Plugin Managment 4.0.1 and OpenXR Plugin 1.0.3 , in Project Settings i enabled OpenXR in XR Plugin Mangament and Valve Index Controller Profile in OpenXR Features.

But my problem is now solved, in order to solve that i had to install a third plugin : OpenVR XR Plugin 1.1.14 and check OpenVR Loader in XRPlugin Mangament Project Settings.