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I am trying to find information on building locomotion for the Pico G2 single controller. I have the controller appearing in the headset but am unsure how to proceed at this point since the Pico documentation does not have blueprints of how his should connect. I tried replacing some functions in the VR templates of UE to no avail. I am using 4.27.

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Dear developer,
Could you please tell us what do you mean by building locomotion?
Do you mean that you want the controller model to move?
If so, you can refer to our Hardware Product Development Guide documentation:

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Yes thank you. I have gone through the documentation and it is very thorough. I appreciate the explanation for all of the functions to be used as well. Yes, I was referring to setting up a blueprint within Unreal Engine for movement. Although the functions are listed, a complete blueprint for locomotion is not shown for Unreal Engine.

Since this post yesterday, with some work, I have taken what was done in the documentation and adjusted settings in 4.26 Unreal Engine to get the G2 4K controller to work with the locomotion setup of the VR template in Unreal Engine 4.26. I will share that with the community sometime this week.

I do have UE5 but as of the new release, 5 is not quite stable enough for VR at the present.