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I turned on the foveation level to the top high, but the effect was not visible in the compiled game.enter image description here

UPD. After some tests, I came to the conclusion that the functions: in the Forward Renderer Data, these are Renderer Features --> Render Objects with at least events Before and After Rendering Transparents; in the Universal Render Pipeline Asset [Hereinafter URPA], this is the Render Scale, lead to disabling foveation. Also, these functions lead to a breakdown of the safe boundary, by the way, point Depth Texture in URPA also leads to this, but only if the point Depth Texture item was enabling on the scene in the camera.

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I just used this function in my project, I think it is effective.enter image description here

enter image description here

The above picture is that I have not turned on the foveation rendering, and the lower one is turned on and set to top high level. You can see that there is a clear difference in the cube on the right.

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Thanks for the answer, I have updated my question.