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Referring to eye-tracking currently being unavailable in DP wired streaming mode (e.g. from Unity Editor or standalone Windows build) (https://devanswers.pico-interactive.com/index.php?qa=3231&qa_1=pico-neo-pro-eye-tracking-in-unity-editor-via-streaming-cable&show=3231#q3231).

Is eye-tracking in DP wired streaming mode (e.g. from Unity editor or in a standalone Windows build) planned for a future release?

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Dear developer,
Sorry, eye-tracking in DP Wired Streaming Mode is not supported at present and there is no plan in the near future.

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Understood. Thanks for the info!

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Thanks for the info!
Just to make sure - are there still no plans to implement it?

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Dear developer,
We have asked the R&D team and still have no plans.