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Hello Pico support!
I have an issue with kiosk mode.
In my project with AndroidManifest.xml I have done kiosk mode in my project. Our project is working on 2 devices: Pico Neo 3 Pro with PUI 4.5.30 and Pico Neo 2 with PUI 4.1.3.
Our onld version worked on Unity 2020.3.28f1 with sdk PicoVR Unity SDK and I used AndroidManifest.xml to set up Kiosk mode. This method worked for Pico Neo 2, but for Pico Neo 3 Pro it doesn't work. Now we changed sdk PicoVR Unity SDK (Deprecated) to sdk Unity XR Platform SDK (Legacy) and hoped that is will help with kiosk mode on Pico Neo 3 Pro. But after SDK update AndroidManifest.xml stopped to work also for kiosk mode on Pico Neo 2 also.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible with AndroidManifest.xml or maybe with another way to set up Kios mode for Pico Neo 3 Pro.
  2. Is it possibelt to set up Kiosk mode with AndroidManifest.xml or with another way in my project where we use sdk to Unity XR Platform SDK (Legacy) for device Pico Neo 2.

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Dear developer,

You can refer to our documention, the .xml file can't be used now: