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Dear Developers, dear dev support team,

i am currently having trouble getting the buttons from the headset itself to work in my app.

I tried every option i could find, but i get no response from any button at all, not even the volume up/down keys (manually in a blueprint via handler input event as well as defined events within the engine/input action mapping).

I am using the g2 4k without the controller. So all i need is the back button and the confirm button on the headset itself.
What are the button handlers in the pico input layout? Am i missing something?

I would love to get some help on this, even though i feel pretty stupid, as i already developed on almost any other vr device, without any problems. :D

Cheers and thank you in advance!

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I gladly got a helpful response from an email correspondance.

So the button layout for unreal engine 4 with the g24k is:
confirm key = game pad face button bottom
home key = android standard home
Vol Up / Down = android standard vol up / down
back/return key = android standard back

I can confirm that all of the buttons work.

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I am sorry but i cant found android standard home into UE inputs.. any help ?
UE 4.26

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Dear developer,

Could you please tell us what version of SDK are you using and your PUI version?

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Dear dev support team,

i am using the UE4 Legacy SDK 1.2.7 (G2 4K) with the PUI Version 4.0.7 (latest).