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I'm trying to use the camera image of the Pico neo 3 while having movement tracking disabled. I already tried this approach (https://sdk.picovr.com/docs/XRPlatformSDK/Unity/en/chapter_eight.html#passthrough) and it does not work without movement tracking. If it is turned on it works fine.
Is there a way to have the same seethrough image but with the tracking disabled?

I also tried this approach (https://sdk.picovr.com/docs/XRPlatformSDK/Unity/en/chapter_seven.html#seethrough-camera-related) but the image should be displayed on a texture and not as an environmental background.

Thanks for your help.


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At present, pass through only work while movement tracking is working, if you trun off movement tracking the camera will not work, and seethrough can only show camera image as background, so they dont have other solution.

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Hi there! I am trying a similar thing, but using the see-through as environmental background. When you tried using the see-through, does the see-through work for you, and did you also notice this see-through artifact in the upper corners of the screen on Pico Neo 3 Eye Pro, mentioned in this post> https://devanswers.pico-interactive.com/index.php?qa=4626&qa_1=video-see-through-bug-%26%26-cant-install-the-latest-update ?