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we would like to use the Pico Neo 3 (eye) headset without controllers. How can I configure an XR controller for the headset?

PUI Version: 4.5.30
SDK: 2.0.3

I am currently configuring the controller as depicted here:
enter image description here

What should the values be for
- controller node
- select usage/activate usage/ui press usage?

I would like to use the main /large button on the right of the headset to select.

Is there an example project that does not make use of the controllers and just lets you use the pico neo 3 eye (with central eye "ring" marker) to select things with the headset alone (as the pico standard OS / environment does when both controllers are deselected)? That essentially what we would like to have as a fallback.


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You can see thier EyeTracking demo in here, its sdk version is Legacy but it should work
And unityXR doesn't seem to support headset control without controller, i dont kown where you find this script but in my sdk i cant find this script named XR Controller(Device-based), only find XR Controller.