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For my application I wish to be able to screen cast the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye over distance.
The equivalent to oculus.com/casting would be ideal. Our users should be able to easily share their view with another location (with a different wifi network). We would like to avoid the need for a video call where the user sharing his screen.

Thank you very much.

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Dear developer,
What do you mean by not the same wifi?
Do you mean that oculus.com/casting allows you to cast on the browser through different wifi?
Or can someone else access what you casting on the browser over a different wifi?

According to Oculus introduction , the same wifi is required to cast to the browser.


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Thank you for your quick answer. You are correct, oculus requires the same network. I confused this..
Nevertheless, can you think of a solution to screen cast the pico neo 3 pro eye to a computer in another network? The only way I can solve it now is when the user sets up a zoom call and shares his desktop showing the screen cast of the pico.

To give you some background, our users are considered to be patients that take an eye examination. It would be helpful to us if a clinician can check their view remotely.

Thanks again. BR, Simon

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Dear developer,
Sorry, our wireless screen casting is still based on local area network.