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I'm trying to get the Unity XR SDK working with Unity 2019.4.24f. I've followed the Quick Start instruction from the documentation and removed Vulkan. When I launch the app I get this error:

2022/03/10 14:13:17.455 5977 5994 Error Unity Screen position out of
view frustum (screen pos 0.000000, 0.000000, 1000.000000) (Camera rect
0 0 1024 1024)

How can I fix this?

I also tried the Quick Start guide with Unity 2020 and with that setup it does work out of the box

Any extra setup documentation or video would also be appreciated. The websites resources are very limited

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Dear developer,
Thanks for your project, and we found your equipment is G2 4K, but Unity XR SDK only support Neo 3 series, you can find this note in our document, https://developer.pico-interactive.com/docs/en/12058/225685/#_2-1-supported-devices
If you want to use unityXR in your project with G2 4K, you can use Unity XR Platform SDK (Legacy). It should work.

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Will the Unity XR SDK also support Pico G2 and the Pico Neo 2 eventually?

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Dear developer,
Could you please provide a Demo project or apk that can reproduce this problem?
And could you please provide these information, equipment type, PUI version, Unity version and SDK version in your mail.
And please use the title of your question as the subject of your email.
Please send it to our email: pico_devanswers@bytedance.com.
We'll test it.