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Hi there,

In our unity application for a Pico G2 4K Device,
we want to know if the user has selected it to be used as the application that runs in kiosk mode, or it is in default device mode,
so we change exit-app options in our application.

In order to know in which state it is, we need to know what is option is selected at:
Settings > Developer > System > Developer Options > Special Settings --> Business Settings > Launcher App (Kiosk Mode)
and see if the "Pico Launcher" or "our app" is selected,
from the Unity SDK.

Can we do this?

In a relevant manner, I don't know if this is all big trouble and there is just a boolean that gives the kiosk mode state (eg. Our App==true // Default Pico Launcher ==False)...?

Thank you

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Dear developer,
you can read the config.txt file from the


path through the Unity engine to check whether the homepkg name of the current Launcher is your application package name.
enter image description here
If the home
pkg name matches the package name of your application, then your application is in kiosK mode.

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Hi there,
Thanks for the answer.

Little not: The aforementioned File system is not valid. I found it in:
Internal shared storage/ pre_resource/ feature/ config.txt