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I'm trying to use the new input system to be future proof and ideally be able to export my app to multiple VR platforms.
For this we're using the XR interaction toolkit 2.0+ which has action based XR rigs.
I see in the Pico SDK dependencies that it's using XR interaction toolkit 0.9, but this has no support for action based rigs.
I updated the XR toolkit anyways to see what happened, but I'm not being able to get headset rotation and position with action based input. I wonder if this a compatibility problem with the new toolkit version.

I also don't see any tutorial section for the new input system and action based rigs. Will Pico be supporting these new technologies? This is very important for us devs if we want to also support Pico and other platforms.

I tried with both XR HMD and PicoHDM, with no luck.
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Try the demo provided by XR: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/XR-Interaction-Toolkit-Examples

Try using the XR Interaction Toolkit 2.0+ in this demo/
It should work on a Pico device.

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you're right, it works. Will check for differences with my project. thanks!