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When I enable multiview rendering, I see the same image in both eyes. Multipass works fine. I've looked around but haven't seen any information about this issue.

Headset: Pico Neo 3
Unity version: 2020.3.8f1
Pico SDK: 2.0.3
Graphics API: Vulkan
Color Space: Linear
Min API Level: 26

I'm using the standard XR Rig with a single center camera.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Dear developer,
SinglePass is based on native Unity Single Pass feature. It uses one camera to fulfill stereo rendering, reducing half of Draw Call and Occlusion Culling. Using this feature can increase frame rate dramatically in complex scenes. But SinglePass don’t support post processing.
Related instructions:Single Pass Stereo rendering / Unity - Manual: XR SDK Display subsystem
Please refer to the following links for details:

May I ask what do you mean about the "I see the same image in both eyes"?
Could you please provide a more detailed description? So we can better analyze your problems.