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Hi everyone,
I'd like to use the PXR Set Auto Connect Wifi function to connect to a specified Wifi. Sadly the connection always fails. I assume this might be, because my app doesn't have the correct permissions to change the Wifi State.


I tried entering those permissions in the Project Settings (Android/Extra Permissions), I tried requesting the permissions via Blueprint (Request Android Permissions Node) and I added them in the installation *.bat file as adb commands.
Still none of this seems to work, my app can't connect to the Wifi via the Auto Connect Node and when I check the permissions of the app it only shows "Storage" permission.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Dear developer,
Could you please tell us what are the device model, PUI version and SDK version?
This interface only supports Pico Neo 3 Pro/Pro Eye devices.

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I'm using Pico Neo 3 Pro, PUI Version 4.5.30 and UE4 SDK Version and UE4 4.27.

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Dear developer,
Could you please tell us what type of the network?
Is it WPA3? If so, the Unreal XR SDK does not currently support WPA3 wifi connection.Currently you can only connect the WPA3 network in Settings.
Perhaps you could try a WPA2 network to see the if the "PXR Set Auto Connect Wifi" function work.
This is our test, and it worked fine on Pico Neo 3 Pro, PUI 4.5.30, Unreal XR SDK v2.0.2.3 and v2.0.3.5.
enter image description here

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Yeah, thats probably the problem then. My network probably is WPA3. I'll try and see if it works with WPA2.
I double checked in my router settings, it says the network is only WPA2 :(#
My connected smartphone on the other hand says its WPA2/WPA3-Personal mixed mode.

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Dear developer,
Check and make sure that the wifi name and password are entered correctly.
Pay attention to Spaces or special characters in wifi name and password or try again on a different Wifi.