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We created a simple test project using:

Unity 2020.3.29f1
PicoXR 2.0.3 B51
PUI 4.1.3 (latest)
"Software Version Number" .....*_B346
on a Pico Neo 2

When using the GLES 3 renderer the project launches to a black screen. When using the Vulcan renderer, the project crashes at launch. There's nothing in the test project except for a few spheres.

The test project works on our Pico Neo 3, but we need to support the Neo 2 also.

We are using the default render pipeline, and followed the instructions here:

We're using gamma lighting space, and no stencil buffers. No changes to RT scale.

Should PicoXR 2.0.3 work on the Neo 2?

Crash logs:

Test APK:

In particular, this part of the log suggests the eye projection is returning NaNs, and Unity is unable to construct proper view frustrums:

We are not using eye tracking, but the pico tracks fine in the PUI, the interface, and apps built with the older Pico SDK (before OpenXR).


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Dear developer,
Unity XR SDK V2.0.3 only supports Pico Neo 3 Series.
Check the link below for details: