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I am using scrcpy to get a video stream from the Pico Neo 3 but it does not work that well.
It seems that on an older PUI Version it works fine. Can i downgrade my Pico Neo 3 to an older PUI Version?

Only the new PUI version seems to be available.

"At that point the Software/Firmware version was v4.2.78. Then I updated the headset to current version v4.3.34 and it's stuttering again."

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Dear developer,
The Neo 3 series do not support downgrade.
For screen casting solutions, the Neo 3 series no longer supports scrcpy screen casting, and you can try use Miracast for screen casting.
Please refer to the following links for details:

In addition, our own screen casting solution is expected to be released in Q2.

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Hey PicoDevSupport.

I just want to request that there be multi-view screen casting for multiple headsets in your screen casting feature you mentioned is expected to be released in Q2. So if possible multiple Pico's can screen cast to a single screen.


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Dear developer,
The screen casting solution we expect to launch in Q2 does not have this feature you mentioned.