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Following the instructions (https://developer.pico-interactive.com/docs/en/12058/225616/)
on a Pico G2 4K - P.U.I 4.0.7,
I did the " adb reboot bootloader"
Device entered the Root Mode (showwing a Start/ Restart bootloader / Recovery Mode/Power Off -options)
I followed with the "fastboot oem splash unlock" command and that's it!
CMD says: < waiting for any device >
and does nothing more.

I triwed
- waiting a lot of hour --> Nothing
- Unplug and replug the connection window --> Nothing

Any recommendations?

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My device is also G2 4K, PUI 4.0.7 and these commands work fine on my computer.
Maybe your computer environment is not configured properly,
Try another computer. Maybe it'll work.

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3 different PCs - all same behaiviour.

    PS C:\platform-tools> adb reboot bootloader
* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
* daemon started successfully
PS C:\platform-tools> fastboot oem splash unlock
< waiting for any device >

and nothing.

Should I select something in Pico bootloader?

I tried almost anything, but didn;t ever got me anywhere further than Waiting for any device""

Thank you

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Maybe it has something to do with some of the drivers on your computer,
Lack of relevant Android drivers.
Try switching to a MAC or Linux,
Or download something like Android Driver Assistant, which might help
enter image description here

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Hi there!

I tried with a Macbook.
Even though it said OK, the logo keeps appearing.

**enter image description here**

I also want to notice that this is happening at 3 different Pico G2 4K devices, that I have tried so far.

Any ideas?