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In our Unity app we use an android plugin to screenshare/stream the screen contents of our headsets to our portal. This worked fine in PUI v4.4.7 but it does not work anymore on devices upgraded to v4.5.30.

Before v4.5.30 we could request screencapture using the Android media projection permission dialogue, and the OS would bypass this giving us permission to capture the screen. But now requesting screencapture does nothing.

Could anyone tell us if this is intended or perhaps a bug in the new version? We highly depend on having this feature for our apps.

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Dear developer,
Could you provide a Demo project and APK that can reproduce your problem?
Please send them to our email: pico_devanswers@bytedance.com.
We'll test it.
And please use the title of your question as the subject of your email.

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We will do this, thank you for your reply.