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I am trying to modify the action for the Neo 3 Home button but i'm having trouble receiving a notice inside Unity.

I have followed the documentation to modify the SystemKeyConfig.prop file and have tested setting the actions to different values and have had success in doing so. However I have been unable to receive any notice when setting the value to 5 "No function, but send the key notice;"

I am using the Unity XR SDK and I have been using the new Unity Input System to handle button presses using the XR Controller layout. Each button on the Neo 3 controller works fine but i'm not getting any response from the Home Button. I have tried multiple paths in the binding settings (home, app, start) but nothing.

I have also tried using KeyCode.Home and setting the active input handling to "Both" but not getting anything.

If anyone would be able to clarify or push me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Dear developer,
The Neo3 series do not support key values of 5,
Only the keys 0/2/3/6 can be set.
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